Indianapolis IN, Evelyn Magley CEO of The Basketball League announced the 13th be market and 25th overall for the ‘21 season, Wichita Kansas. The new team will be called the Midtown Prestige.

Geographically Wichita is a perfect fit with our mid-south region of, Enid OK, Little Rock AR, Owensboro KY and the (3) Texas teams, Dallas, Lewisville & Waco.

“There comes a time in a community’s life when we must stand for something or not at all. The crest of the MidTown Prestige is more than just a way for people to recognize us. It stands for the qualities a person must show in order to move forward with the next generation! It stands for the values a person must have to succeed in today’s time! It’s the values of a community that’s wants and will do better! Love, Hope and Faith. The Pillars of MidTown Prestige. As we bring the tier of community involvement and entertainment I am honored to be the steward over such endeavor and Thank God for the game of Basketball and all the Youth and Mature persons alike who’s live will be change forever for the better! #WichitaStandUp” – Tyler O’Quinn TMO Midtown Prestige

“We are thrilled to to have the great city of Wichita in TBL family. The love for basketball is strong and Tyler’s passion for his community is powerful. That combination will make for an entertaining & impactful experience for all” – Evelyn Magley CEO TBL

Look for upcoming tryout events to be announced shortly!

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