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  1. TBL Announces Major Partnership With CBD Infused Sports Nutrition Supplier, 7NRG
  2. Albany Patroons announce new ownership
  3. Creating Young Minds shoots for success on and off the court
  4. Minor league basketball returning to Dayton in 2020

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7NRG is known for its patented technology packaging, custom sports nutrition formulations and water soluble CBD isolate that contains 0% THC. Their specific milligram ranges have been carefully chosen with the intent of assisting with delivering extra endurance during a training session as well as providing faster recovery after a workout. CBD is arguably the most beneficial and acceptable Cannabinoid when pertaining to sports and athlete performance.

“At 7NRG, we developed the world’s first on-the-go CBD pre and post workout beverage when pertaining to sports nutrition. Our goal is to provide education as well as a solution that could potentially improve an athlete’s performance and recovery times across the globe by adding natural, hemp derived CBD throughout our product range. We look forward to working with The Basketball League and being an industry pioneer.”  Joel Grayson Founder/CEO 7NRG

“Canary Speech is the sister company of Canary Concussion, a concussion management tool. Canary Speech has identified, with multiple patents, key biomarkers in speech to identify human conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Depression, Parkinson’s, and Concussions. With your help, we can create this pioneering technology to help our youth and athletes.”

Baron Championship Rings is one of the largest championship ring producers in North America and we provide the most advanced ring making processes in the world. We are able to create whatever you can imagine thanks to our innovative and unique 3D design and print system that is ahead of the competition in every way. Our designers have over 50 years of experience combined.

Baron started as a family business in 1988 and has continued the family-like model that customers look for in business partnerships. Here at Baron Championship Rings we believe every ring has a story and we dedicate our craft to make sure your ring tells your story. If you can dream it, we can build it.