INDIANAPOLIS, IN Evelyn Magley, CEO of The Basketball League (“TBL”), announced that the city of Las Vegas has been awarded the 32nd team market. The new team, dubbed the Vegas Ballers, is owned and operated by Jerome ‘Junkyard Dog’ Williams, his wife Nikkollette Williams, and the youngest professional basketball owner in history, Jeremiah ‘Dadog’ Williams.

Jerome, a retired NBA power forward known for his aggressive play and charisma, played collegiately at Georgetown University. Nikkollette is a successful entrepreneur who owns and operates several businesses in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area. Jeremiah is a young basketball player with a passion for sports and grew up dreaming of one day owning a pro team.

“As a family, it is our desire to help all of our children fulfill their dreams,” said Jerome, President of Vegas Ballers. “Jeremiah has long talked of being more than a player, so we are proud that he is stepping into this elite role. With the diverse expertise that this ownership brings, we are confident that the Vegas Ballers will be a success and impact our community both on and off the floor.”

The Vegas Ballers are the 20th team to join the league – now entering its fourth year – since the pandemic ended the season prematurely in March and is the 8th new market in the West Coast division.

“We are a family owned business and treat all of our players, coaches, TMO’s and fans, as family,” said Magley. “After meeting the Williams’ and seeing their family dynamic, as well as their strong desire to impact young lives, we quickly came to the decision that this addition to TBL would be valuable. Jerome’s experience, strong reputation, and deep contacts will generate wonderful growth opportunities for TBL, which will be felt for a long time to come.”

TBL begins its fourth season in April 2021. The 24 game-long-season will conclude with 16 teams making the playoffs with a best 2 of 3 playoff series format to determine a league champion.  All games will be broadcast globally via livestream with real-time stats provided by Genius Sports.

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