Indianapolis IN, Evelyn Magley, CEO of The Basketball League, announced the 18th new market since the pandemic hit and 30th overall has been awarded to Seaside CA, the California Sea-Kings.

The Sea-Kings are entering their 11th season as an organization and have a rich tradition of putting a great product on the floor.

“The opportunity to join TBL was just what we were looking for as an organization. The reputation of teams being active in their respective communities, players getting opportunities to showcase their talents and standards that are required (Livestream, stats, venue size, uniform consistency, scheduling consistency, was very appealing to us as an organization. We are excited to be taking the California Sea-Kings to a whole new level!” – Vic Goodwin – President Sea-Kings

Seaside is a city on California’s Central Coast. Geographically, it fits perfectly with Fresno to the east and the (3) teams TBL has to the south.

“Getting a team in that area of California allows for us as a league to continue our growth in a great state. The passion that the Sea-Kings bring for community engagement is consistent with our core belief of each team becoming engrained in their markets as community assets .” – Evelyn Magley CEO TBL

The Basketball League begins its 4th season in March of 2021. The league plays a 24 game schedule (12 home and 12 away), with a playoff system that concludes with a June champion.

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