Indianapolis IN– The Basketball League’s CEO, Evelyn Magley announces a new partnership with DASH Auction.

DASH is a platform built to enhance the fan experience while allowing them to connect with their favorite sports teams. DASH launched in 2016 and has grown to more than 130 teams. These teams use DASH to bring their fans the most authentic team memorabilia, game day experiences, raffles, unique merchandise items, and giveaways.

As the relationship between the teams and fans grow, so does the DASH experience.

“The DASH team is incredibly excited and humbled to be partnered with the Teams and people behind the scenes at The Basketball League.  Their mission to bring communities together through sport, and the game of basketball is our mission here at DASH too, through the use of technology.” -DASH Founder/Jonathan Hufnagel

“DASH Auction is cutting edge mobile technology that allows The Basketball League Teams to creatively engage with their fans through fun and exciting offerings of special memorabilia and game-used gear!  We are excited to have this partnership that helps The Basketball League Teams expand their reach in offerings through a user-friendly and robust platform. I know The Basketball League fans are going to love it!” -Evelyn Magley/CEO TBL 

DASH works nicely with The Basketball League’s partner Vozzi—a dynamic text marketing platform that allows the DASH message to get directly sent to interested fans in real-time.

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