The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) has partnered with The Basketball League (TBL) to promote financial literacy throughout their professional sports league communities across the country.

The initial objective of this campaign is to provide financial education to the 300+ players across the 30+ professional basketball teams. This effort will be followed with a community outreach initiative that provides players and management personnel opportunities to support their communities by donating financial literacy resources and speaking to schools and nonprofit organizations.

To kick off this initiative, The Basketball League’s national and local team management will participate in the Certified Financial Education Instructor course to help them maximize their time teaching players. Supplied with research-based financial education resources that include live presentation curriculum, online learning, and ongoing education support, TBL Team management will be able to implement an effective and efficient program to all players.

The Basketball League is rolling out this campaign to work toward their goal of helping players develop leadership skills, self-worth, respect for themselves and their communities, and to provide education that can make a lasting difference in their lives. The financial literacy program adds to their current education initiatives which include life skills for proper nutrition, pre- and post-game recovery, mental health and wellness, and much more.

“It’s great to see a professional sports team committed to helping their players and the communities they serve across the country. Through this partnership with The Basketball League we can take a step to addressing the financial literacy crisis by having professional athletes take an active role in the financial literacy movement,” states Vince Shorb of the National Financial Educators Council.

Not knowing how to manage one’s personal finances so they align with their long-term goals carries a high cost. A survey by the NFEC in January 2020 asked 2,506 people across the country, “How much money do you think you lost because you lacked knowledge about personal finances?” Among this diverse group, respondents estimated that lacking knowledge about personal finances cost them an average of $1,279.

“We are excited to be in partnership with the National Financial Educators Council who are known for their expertise in changing lives through their dynamic financial literacy program. The positive impact of this program will literally change the trajectory of hundreds if not thousands of lives for generations to come. We are thankful that the NFEC created this fabulous platform to help educate individuals to become financially literate to help secure their financial futures. We are honored to be able to present NFEC not only to our players but to the masses across communities in the U.S. and internationally.” —Evelyn Magley/CEO-The Basketball League

The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) is a social enterprise organization whose stated mission is to improve financial capability among the nation’s citizens. Through collaborative efforts with leaders across a variety of fields, the NFEC aims to increase access to financial literacy resources that represent best practices in financial education.

The Basketball League (TBL) is dedicated to delivering a World Class Professional Basketball experience to our community, our fans, and our business partners, with the following mission:

  • Provide communities with a professional basketball team that gives an affordable/quality family entertainment experience.
  • Offer support and encouragement to local communities through engagement in school and group appearances, youth camps, clinics, and non-profit organizations.
  • Afford basketball players the opportunity to make a living playing the game they love, in America.
  • Procure local individuals or groups an opportunity to own a professional sports business. Provide a relatively low cost barrier to entry and a proven game plan to success, with a return on their investment while positively impacting their region.