INDIANAPOLIS, IN— The Basketball League will welcome Victoria Jones as Vice President of Financial Literacy and Personal Development. This program was developed after The Basketball League’s partnership with National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) to promote engagement in financial literacy.

Jones will be a vital element in TBL’s Financial Literacy Program—working to increase each player’s financial awareness. The organization’s main priority is for players to embrace their influence, while acknowledging that they hold all the power. Each athlete involved will focus on implementing their financial education into their daily routine.   

“This program is a key part of personal development,” Jones said.

However, it goes beyond financial awareness it is also about the person’s brand, image, and learning the process of how to transition into the league appropriately. It showcases that this program is not only about being just an athlete, but it is also about growth and understanding.

“We want to provide the necessary resources and information so they can develop a different perspective on how and what to manage in their life,” Jones said.

Jones holds a training certification, making her eligible to lead the programming and development department with confidence. These include qualifications like:

  • National Financial Educator Council (NFEC)
  • Certified Financial Education Instructor
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

As of now, the program will run both virtually and in-person due to COVID restrictions. Her duties consist of being responsible for vetting and onboarding new instructors. Presentation of curriculum, overseeing Zoom meetings, sending out and reviewing players surveys while continuously meeting with instructors are just a few

This opportunity being presented by TBL through its partnership with NFEC is redefining how leagues should cater to their players away from sports—Jones explained. The program will dedicate itself to The Basketball League’s core values, which align with faith, family, honesty, and transparency. The organization plans to create a positive impact that will last a lifetime in the league and for generations to come.