• The Basketball League is more than just an organization for athletes to play and make money from; instead, it is a league that prides itself on its high values and developing young men into worldwide ambassadors. Their well-being is an important aspect, and they want to allow the most space for each person to learn and grow and advance their careers. Now, TBL Players can have a moment of levity with the introduction of The Chaplain Program.

The Chaplain Program was carefully curated by the league’s CEO, Evelyn Magley, and Pastor Freeman to develop a healing space for the young men and their family members. This program is designed to emphasize the importance of mental self-care and provide assistance to the league safely.

“Knowing they have someone, an advocator to speak to them is good,” Pastor Freeman said.

Pastor Freeman plays the role of coordinator of the program and plans to have a team that will specifically work with league players’ families. Both Freeman and Magley continue to put the program together— developing it in a way that is beneficial for the players. Although the program has not started yet, talks are already in the works about several program locations throughout certain cities.

“Hoping and seeking to have one Chaplain Program in every city where there is a team, two to three,” Freeman said.

Currently, program policies are being worked on, and although there isn’t an exact date for the program, things are said to be done by the end of the year. Freeman hopes to have all elements in place so information can begin distribution and the program can fall into place by March 2021.

“The Chaplain Program is a foundational piece to help build each young man to be able to see purpose for their life far beyond the basketball court.  They need a “safe place” to be able to express their inner thoughts and emotions pertaining to basketball and life without judgement.” —Evelyn Magley/CEO