The first ever Covid-Free Basketball and Fitness training tool that’s detachable and retractable with Screw-in Technology.

Ballbyyourself.com, an innovative technology training product and Thebasketballleague.net a North American professional basketball league has announced their partnership to help assist its youth league (JrTBL) with the most effective training product, designed to be used anytime and anywhere. TBL is strictly about supporting its players and the youth in the community, and that’s why this partnership will be great for both brands. The ability of building up the next generation of superstars and providing a platform and product to catapult them to the next level is what both brands are about.

Ball By Yourself® will be used during TBL’s All-Star Weekend, April 15-17th and at JrTBL Basketball Camp on April 16th, 9:00AM-12:00PM at Liverpool High School, Syracuse, NY.  TBL Commission, All-Star Players and Ball by Yourself creator will all be in attendance.

This historic partnership will bring the 1st. Covid-Free training product to a professional basketball league, providing a one-of-a-kind training experience for the youth as well as professional players in all 44 communities. “Our innovative product allows players the opportunity to use it as a training tool or as a traditional basketball with just a simple screw or detachment” said product developer and inventor Chad Briscoe.

TBL mentor youth in their respective communities through financial literacy classes, read & play and basketball clinics. Ball By Yourself® will be JrTBL’s “official” training tool to help build their confidence and self-esteem on their journey to becoming great ball players for years to come.  A “Summer 2022 JR. TBL Tour” will begin in July positively impacting youth through basketball clinics across the United States.  “We look forward to utilizing Ball By Yourself to help hundreds if not thousands of youth develop their coordination and ball handling skills both independently and with others.” —Evelyn Magley/CEO of TBL

With Covid-19 being the focal point the past two years, Ball By Yourself® has been the safest way to play, train and develop while the world has paused. Our detachable screw-in technology is the first of its kind to allow players to train by themselves 100% of the time without needing a partner, trainer or hoop court and is currently the world’s 1st safest Covid-Free training product on the market.

Basketball has never seen anything like Ball By Yourself®, it’s a creative game changing training tool in the basketball and fitness space and has already proven to be a vital product, not only here in the U.S, but also around the world. Ball By Yourself® has currently been sold to customers in Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Australia, the UK and on the Continent of African. BBY in Somalia Africa  “We know that basketball is being played world-wide, even in the most remote parts of the world and Ball By Yourself® products allows players to train even if they don’t have a basketball court”. “We have designed our product to give everyone the same opportunities regardless of their socio-economic background” Briscoe said.

Our Patent Pending Technology allows the product to be used as a Fitness training tool as well, we have created proprietary HIIT basketball and fitness training drills to help encourage players to incorporate and utilize fitness as an active part of their daily lifestyle, our drills are fun and easily accessible by downloading our App from any Android, Smartphone or Tablet device. https://tinyurl.com/y2z83cyo

Ball By Yourself® has been featured on Fox, NBC, CBS news and we are excited to have gift notable figures such as Comedian rockstar Kevin Hart, NBA Superstar Stephen Curry and former U.S president Barack Obama our amazing product over the past 2 years along with (WNBA Champion and MVP Kahleah Copper using the product. WNBA & Ball By Yourself

The Founder of Ball By Yourself®, Chad Briscoe is a former Professional basketball player (Cyprus, Greece) former College All-American player (Grand Canyon Univ.) Entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer and Innovator. “We have been in contact with TBL over the past 4 years, watching the league grow from 8 teams to currently 44 and we knew that when the time was right, it would be a great organization to partner with and we were right!” — Chad Briscoe