Indianapolis IN, Evelyn Magley CEO of The Basketball League announced a partnership with German based Ligalytics @ligalytics a sports scheduling company with 15 years experience in professional sports scheduling.

“Ligalytics is happy to announce The Basketball League as our new partner. Evelyn and David are doing an extraordinary job in adding new teams to the league throughout the last weeks. We look forward to supporting them in creating a thrilling schedule for the upcoming 2021 season while taking into account stadium availabilities and reducing travel expenses through optimized trips.” – Dirk Zechiel Managing Director Ligalytics

This move allows TBL the tools to create an exciting regional and national schedule for the expanded league while allowing them the luxury of being able to adjust in short order should circumstances require so.

“We spent countless hours researching the right partner and are confident that Ligalytics is exactly what we need to be best prepared for the months and years to come.” – Evelyn Magley CEO TBL

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