Indianapolis IN, Evelyn Magley CEO of The Basketball League announced a major partnership with CBD infused sports nutrition supplier 7NRG. CBD is arguably the most beneficial and acceptable Cannabinoid when pertaining to sports and athlete performance. January 1st, 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the banned substance list, changing the manner in which CBD would be viewed throughout sports. 7NRG is known for its patented technology packaging, custom sports nutrition formulations and water soluble CBD isolate that contains 0% THC. Their specific milligram ranges have been carefully chosen with the intent of assisting with delivering extra endurance during a training session as well as providing faster recovery after a workout.

“TBL is excited to partner with a natural 100% THC Free CBD product and shall play an instrumental role in the progression of CBD throughout professional sports. Using a product that is holistic, clean and a natural source, that could potentially assist with recovery from inflammation and pain caused by extensive wear and tear on the body is a plus for any athlete. Educating TBL players about the benefits of 7NRG products and CBD as a whole, will be key in creating a paradigm shift in how our athletes take care of their bodies for the longevity of their careers and beyond.”  Evelyn Magley CEO The Basketball League

For their part, 7NRG is equally as excited about partnering with TBL, its a relationship Co-Founder of 7NRG and USA Director Treyous Jarrells has worked overtime to establish.

“At 7NRG, we developed the world’s first on-the-go CBD pre and post workout beverage when pertaining to sports nutrition. Our goal is to provide education as well as a solution that could potentially improve an athlete’s performance and recovery times across the globe by adding natural, hemp derived CBD throughout our product range. We look forward to working with The Basketball League and being an industry pioneer.”  Joel Grayson Founder/CEO 7NRG

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