Episode 75: Evelyn Magley of The Basketball League

“We’re using basketball as a platform to serve the community.”

This week, Vicki and Kathy talk with Evelyn Magley, CEO of The Basketball League and the first African American woman to ever own a male professional sports league in the United States. Topics of discussion include: How Evelyn went from being a musical therapy professional to CEO of a sports league; Evelyn’s vision; Learning from Kobe Bryant; The power of basketball; How TBL and its focus on community differs from other sports leagues; Giving players the opportunity to impact their own communities; TBL’s teams and cities; TBL’s corporate sponsors and their view on community outreach; The demographics of TBL’s athletes; The hierarchy of American basketball; TBL’s standards; Evelyn’s experience working in a male-dominated industry; How to establish a TBL team; and TBL’s new financial literacy program.