Indianapolis IN, Evelyn Magley CEO of The Basketball League announced the 6th new market to receive a TBL team, San Diego Guardians.

Owned and Operated by Ken Bishop, a Philadelphia native who moved to San Diego in 2015, previously part of another league, continues to strive to give his organization legitimate opportunities to advance. The San Diego community is full of basketball talent and has strong support from the community.

“We are excited to be able to serve San Diego and give them a true pro basketball team. We are obligated to bring true professional basketball to the city of San Diego. The opportunity presented to us was one not just for our organization but the community. We are encouraged that the athletes put forth their best on and off the court as role models and as professionals. Joining TBL, a league with community goals and initiatives was an easy decision for what we stand for.” – Ken Bishop CEO San Diego Guardians

The Guardians become the 18th team in the 4th year league and represent a 50% growth just since the pandemic hit.

“Based on their commitment to community and quality entertainment, we are completely confident that the Guardians will be a great addition to our community asset model.” – Evelyn Magley CEO TBL

The team will host several combine tryout events around Southern California & Nevada:
San Diego, CA (2)
Los Angels, CA (2)
Las Vegas, NV (1)

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San Diego Guardians
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