8IGH, pronounced /eight/, a blockchain company founded by Jordan Tate and Treyous Jarrells, has partnered with The Basketball League (TBL) to incorporate blockchain technology and the world’s 1st professional basketball team that will run as a DAO. A DAO is an organization controlled by its community members and is represented by rules encoded in a smart contract that is transparent. “It’s an exciting time in history, it’s a digital revolution and we are leading the way as expected. Incorporating blockchain technology into a pro basketball league is innovative in itself but to go to the extent of incorporating a DAO, now that’s just 8IGH,” said Treyous Jarrells, Co-Founder of 8IGH.

Traditionally, sports teams are controlled by one individual or a small group of individuals that give the community it represents no say or benefit. TBL Forever is therefore introducing the world’s 1st Professional Basketball team that will act as a DAO. Founded by Evelyn and David Magley, TBL is the 3rd largest professional basketball league in North America.

With 40+ teams throughout North America, The Basketball League is dedicated to providing its fans, community and business partners with a world class professional experience. It is also renowned as the 1st men’s professional league of any kind to have an African American Woman as founder and CEO.

TBL’s partnership with 8IGH, whose mission is to incorporate blockchain & financial literacy education to help bridge a nationwide gap in terms of knowledge and access to blockchain technology and NFTs, will develop the metaverse version of TBL, TBL Forever, showcasing a league/wide NFT craze. TBL Forever will host blockchain & financial literacy seminars, develop digital sports assets, implement a NFT ticketing system, and form a DAO.

The DAO will not only be controlled by community members that hold specific NFTs in their wallets but back them via a fund as well. Alongside the partnership, 8IGH is also

Created: Fri, 2022-01-21

thrilled to be collaborating with Meural, powered by NETGEAR, as the digital canvas of choice for community members to showcase their NFTs. Meural is the premier WiFi-connected smart frame for exploring and displaying NFTs, digital art and photography.

Commenting on what the partnership meant to TBL, CEO Evelyn Magley said, “I believe this innovation puts TBL on the front end of a paradigm shift, building a virtual community that is consistent with our presence in our physical communities, building legacy through trust for generations to come.”

About 8IGH

8IGH, pronounced /eight/, is a blockchain company whose main focus revolves around developing sports NFTs for its community members. The company’s vision is to serve as an industry leader for blockchain technology and NFTs. They aim to leverage their roster of high net-worth individuals in combination with their financial literacy education to help bridge a nationwide gap in regards to blockchain technology and NFTs. As a community member of 8IGH, you will have access to exclusive experiences, rewards, and additional opportunities.

For more information, visit https://www.8igh.com

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