Indianapolis IN, Evelyn Magley CEO of The Basketball League announced Lehigh Valley PA, is the newest team in the 4th year league.

The team will be called The Lehigh Valley Legends and is finalizing a venue to be announced in the near future.

Kenric Carter and James Stewart are the Team Market Owners.

“This is big news for our region. We support our local initiatives and our intention is become a community asset by being visible with the youth and consistent. We will be talented and competitive.” – Kenric Carter TMO Legends

The Lehigh Valley is a perfect fit geographically being 2-3 hrs from multiple existing markets.

“Having a team that is close to others but is a stand alone market is key. We are confident that Kenric & his group understand our core vision of impacting youth through the gift of celebrity our athletes have.” – Evelyn Magley CEO TBL

TBL is a 29 team league with 16 teams joining in ‘22 for a total of 45.

For more on the Legends :
Instagram: @LehighValleyLegends
Email: [email protected]

For more on TBL:
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