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About TBL

TBL is dedicated to serving our communities.

Outreach efforts include daytime games for school aged students with programming at half time centered on issues of bullying, self confidence, and reputation safety.

Day games are sponsored by local businesses and are a tremendous platform of impact.

TBL is committed to Community Outreach to local Non-Profit Organizations.


Impacting communities locally and internationally.

Communities are looking for role models to communicate with today’s youth.

Professional basketball is the highest level of entertainment at a cost effective price for the local consumer.

Hundreds of communities qualify as perspective markets.

The barrier of entry is low enough that many local markets meet the criteria to own a team.

The talent pool is relatively limitless.

Helping launch a league
Sunday, February 03, 2019  Helping launch a league City native didn't follow typical path to leadership role CHARLOTTE STEFANSKI | The Journal Gazette While Rod Sinn never played basketball in high school or college, he just became vice president of The Basketball League, a new minor basketball league making its debut in 2019. The Fort...

Indianapolis, IN The Basketball League (TBL) a new professional basketball league has named BSN SPORTS as its exclusive apparel and equipment supplier.  Evelyn Magley, the first African American woman ever to own a professional sports league (of any kind) for men in the United States, wants the very best for the young men playing in…

Sports and Entertainment Promotion Class to Develop Brand Campaign for The Basketball League

Sports and Entertainment Promotion Class to Develop Brand Campaign for The Basketball League Strategic Communication Students at the Missouri School of Journalism Will Help a New Professional Basketball League Develop a Strategy to Launch Its Brand in 2019 Columbia, Mo. (Sept. 5, 2018) — During the fall 2018 semester, The Basketball League (TBL) will serve…

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Evelyn Magley – CEO

David Magley – President

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